Upcoming Volunteer Needs

Interested in helping out? Send an email to [email protected].

Helping with Housewares

A volunteer is needed to be part of a small team responsible for cleaning and organizing housewares used for setting up apartments for refugee families.


  • Inspecting and cleaning donated kitchen items like cookware.
  • Bundling utensils, knives, silverware, food storage, and towel sets.
  • Inspecting (and washing, if needed) donated bedding.

This work also includes packing up all housewares needed to furnish kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms when apartments are being readied for new families arriving several times each month, often with short notice.

The warehouse is located off of Packers Ave and Sixth Street on the east side. You would be working with at least one other volunteer for 2-3 hours during weekdays on an irregular, as-needed basis, so scheduling flexibility is a plus.

Furniture Pickup

A volunteer is needed for pickups of furniture items.

Pickups for furniture items occur twice a month, depending on need and availability.

Move-In Muscle

A volunteer is needed for move-ins!

We need help unloading and setting up furniture in apartments. Move-in dates and times fluctuate monthly, as needed.

Some months, we get multiple families and other months, none at all. When families arrive is based on a lot of external factors that are out of our control, so notice may be short.

Longer-term commitments are desired but not required!