Thank You Notes

Thank you notes from the community:
The following thank you notes were received recently in response to the Emergency Funds we
distributed. Most were written or dictated in Arabic and translated by someone in the community. We
are touched!

  • Thank you for your efforts and standing by our side, may God bless you and put it in the balance of your good deeds – Rasha
  • Thank you to those who are beside us without conditions and without interest, for those who have done many things to make us happy and our children happy – Fadila
  • I will not forget what you did for me. Thank you very much. – Rukaya and Muyassar
  • Thank you Open Doors from (my) heart. Thank you for your volunteer efforts. Thank you for your wonderful services that alleviate the difficulty of life in these difficult times. – Suad and Ahmed
  • All the words of thanks can not describe my feelings – Dalya and Sinan
  • Thank you Open Doors for tremendous support for all refugees coming to Madison – Iftetan and Waleed
  • I really thank you for helping me – Suad
  • You have made a great effort for my sake – Eman
  • How can I return this favor. Thank you. – Huda and Nameer
  • Thank you with all my heart – Athmar and Ticeir
  • We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to your kind support of refugees coming to Madison. Your effort and time spent supporting refugees are highly appreciated. Your continuous following up on refugees needs before arriving and during their stay are of great help to us. Our family feel that we are at our home. Really. I will not forget this favor. Thank you. – Waleed, Rasha and Hussein
  • Thank you for everything you have given me. – Hanan
  • Thank you. We deeply appreciate and gratefully acknowledge your kind expressions of sympathy. I will always be remembered by our Open Doors community. Thank you. – Faruz and Adam
  • You made me happy by showing kindness and I thank you for all the good you have done. May God bless you day by day for your work. All this gave me the motivation to live in Madison and I wish one day I get to see you blessed people. Thank you so much – Mumbere (translated from Swahili)