Statement on the Adriana Shipwreck

A map showing the distance from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Greece

On June 14, 2023, a fishing boat carrying an estimated 750 people capsized off the coast of Greece. At last count, 104 survivors have been rescued, at least 78 people have died, and hundreds of passengers are still missing. Nearly all those on board were refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The International Organization for Migration estimates that “[n]early 3,800 people died on migration routes within and from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region last year (January-December 2022), the highest number since 2017.” These horrific incidents are far too common. We at Open Doors for Refugees extend our deepest sympathies to those on board or who had a loved one on board the Adriana, and support more government action to prevent and react to similar tragedies.

Organizations That Can Help

Here are a few organizations that are working to establish safe migration routes, prevent similar tragedies, and support those impacted. All accept donations.

Image credit: Google Maps