Gift Cards from the Lodi United Methodist Church

This is a welcome sight!

As part of their 2021 Giving Tree Program, members of the Lodi United Methodist Church recently sent us 25 $25 cards gift cards from Walmart, Target, and Woodman’s. 

These will all go directly to refugees.

As part of our Home Supply program, in addition to a set of cleaning and paper products (none of which can be purchased using Food Share cards), we give an average of $50 in gift cards to each new family (depending on family size) every month for the first year they are in Madison.  The purpose of the gift card is to give our clients personal choice to buy personal care products.

This month, in addition to the paper and cleaning products, we gave $1,125 in gift cards to the 24 families who have arrived since the refugee program resumed last May, and that amount is expected to double in the next six months.

If you’d like to share the love and provide gift cards for our new neighbors, you can find how to do so here. And thanks for your generosity.