Furnishing Needed!

Please, we need dressers, lamps and more…

As one of our flagship programs, Open Doors furnishes apartments for newly arriving refugees.  New families get here to find they have a fully furnished and stocked apartment, with all the furniture, bath, and kitchen supplies they need, plus food in the fridge and flowers on the table. 

Of course, last year was a disaster.  In the last 14 months, between Trump and the pandemic, only one family arrived.  Consequently, our two storerooms were full and we had to turn down many offers for furniture and goods. 

However, in the last week, two families arrived and we set up apartments for them (our 42nd and 43rd).  The two moves though used up our supply of dressers and drew down several other things, and now there is another family of five arriving in two weeks and we need to restock!  We are also expecting a surge of new arrivals in the near future.

We are in great need of dressers, floor and table lamps, end tables, living room chairs and small microwaves.  If you have any of these in good condition that you can donate, please email [email protected].  If you can, please take and attach a picture or two of all furniture items.

For more information, please visit our Furniture Donation page.

Finally, please share this post with others that you think may be interested.  Thanks much.