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Making a Financial Contribution to Open Doors for Refugees

Open Doors for Refugee subsists entirely on generous donations from the community. If you’d like to support Open Doors, and more importantly our refugee community, please donate to Open Doors either online, by check, or with gift cards.

Officially we are a project of, and have 501(c)(3) status through, our Fiscal Agent, the Center for Community Stewardship. C4CS provides financial and legal support to Open Doors, and most all of our financial business goes through C4CS.

In any case, thank you so much for your help. We couldn’t support and serve our new neighbors without you!


Donate Online

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible, online donation to Open Doors, please contribute to Open Doors through our fiscal agent: the Center for Community Stewardship.

Donate by Check

If you’d like to donate by check, please make your tax-deductible check out to the Center for Community Stewardship and write Open Doors for Refugees on the memo line. Then send the check to our mailing address:

Open Doors for Refugees
1213 N Sherman Ave #104
Madison, WI 53704

Purchase and Donate Gift Cards

If you’d rather put your financial donation directly into the hands of refugees, please purchase and donate gift cards.

As part of our Home Supply program, in addition to a set of cleaning and paper products (all of which can’t be purchased using Food Share cards), we give a gift card to each new family every month for the first year they are in Madison. The purpose of the gift card is to give our clients personal choice to buy personal care products.

By default we get the gift cards from Woodman’s (where we buy the other products), but we’ll also get cards from Target, Walmart and Pick ‘n Save as some clients have preferred.

For the first year of this program we gave each family a $50 gift card. However, the program has grown and we’re now serving over 20 families, so our gift card expenses alone have swelled to over $1,000 per month. Coupled with our growing budget deficit, it’s becoming unsustainable, so beginning in 2020 we’ve had to scale back to offering $25 gift cards. Hopefully at some point we can go back to offering more.

The beauty of gift cards is that all the money goes directly into the hands of refugees and they can use it however they want. If you would like to support our refugee families by providing gift cards to them, please buy cards in $25 denominations from either Woodman’s, Target, Walmart, or Pick ‘n Save, and mail them to:

Open Doors for Refugees
1213 N Sherman Ave #104
Madison, WI 53704