COVID-19 Update – October 11, 2021

We, like the rest of the country, have been thrown for a COVID loop. Earlier this summer, as the pandemic waned, we started to host a few in-person, outside events while we planned for some inside ones. Then suddenly the Delta variant surged and both of these were put on hold. 

At this point we’re holding off on any indoor events (back to zoom), and don’t have any significant outdoor gatherings planned. After one month of home delivery, the Home Supplies team is back to sending gift cards, but the Transportation team happily is on the road again. 

While our programs are still limited, we ask that all of our in-person volunteers be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, refugees continue to arrive and we will set up our 56th apartment this week.

A large focus for Open Doors at this point is the surge of Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy and the related outpouring of volunteers, offers of furniture and housewares, and financial support for Open Doors. While we can’t engage all the would-be volunteers with our current caseload and programs, we’re planning to reach out to these prospective volunteers to look for and find new ways to safely engage them in new programs and initiatives.

We’re thankful to live in a community where, even in the midst of a pandemic, people reach out to help those in need.

Thank you Madison.

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