April is National Volunteer Month

Open Doors for Refugees is a volunteer-driven organization. We’d like to take a moment to appreciate the many people who support us and organizations like us. Not sure how you can help? Please email [email protected]. We will be happy to get back to you. See some of our latest needs: https://odfr.org/volunteer/ Every person that steps […]

The World & Open Doors in 2023

Open Doors has been through a lot this year, some of which you can learn about below. And as we also look back on the past year’s world events, it is important to remember that these tragedies and their impacts are ongoing; there are efforts we can take to support those effected by these crises. […]

United in Our Compassion and Call for Peace

Open Doors for Refugees recognizes that the situation in the Middle East is complex and multifaceted, affecting both the Palestinian and Israeli communities. We recognize the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of all people in the region, including both Palestinian and Israeli citizens. We denounce every kind of terrorism, call for the release […]

Statement on the Adriana Shipwreck

On June 14, 2023, a fishing boat carrying an estimated 750 people capsized off the coast of Greece. At last count, 104 survivors have been rescued, at least 78 people have died, and hundreds of passengers are still missing. Nearly all those on board were refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The International Organization for Migration […]

How to Help Earthquake Survivors in Turkey and Syria

Open Doors for Refugees is heartbroken by the news of the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023. The regions impacted by the earthquakes were already in need of humanitarian assistance before this natural disaster. In northern Syria, the impact of the earthquakes is a crisis within a crisis. […]

Afghan Adjustment Act Blocked in Congress

Last year, a bi-partisan bill that has the potential to secure the futures of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in the U.S. was blocked in Congress. The Afghan Adjustment Act, introduced in August 2022, is designed to create a streamlined path to citizenship for over 75 thousand Afghans who were evacuated to the U.S. […]

U.S. Department of State Announces the Welcome Corps Refugee Program

The US state department has announced a new refugee program that allows ordinary Americans to sponsor and support refugees seeking permanent resettlement in the United States. Under the Welcome Corps program, American citizens and permanent residents can apply to sponsor refugees through private sponsor groups (PSGs). Each group is required to have at least five […]

The Afghan Adjustment Act

Following the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, more than 76,000 Afghans have entered the U.S. under a special process called “humanitarian parole.” Under humanitarian parole, Afghan evacuees can remain in the U.S. for just two years. When this parolee status expires, they will lose access to employment, health care, and their legal right […]

Grassroots Resettlement in Scandinavia

Our own Dr. Sallie Anna Steiner hosts this panel to discuss the efforts made by Norwegian and Swedish citizens to welcome asylum seekers. This continues amidst a backdrop where covid restrictions and European militarization at the borders increasingly reduce legal migration in these countries.

Open Doors Response to the Afghanistan Refugee Crisis

View our Afghanistan Crisis Resources page for the latest information and advice. In Short: Thousands of Afghan refugees have arrived in the U.S. already and many thousands more will in the days ahead.  Many of those are and will be at Fort McCoy nearby. Although we anticipate that some of the Afghan refugees will arrive […]