Bird Watching at Tenney Park

This Sunday, we had families join us to go bird watching at Tenney Park!

The weather was absolutely beautiful with an afternoon sun and clear skies. We first walked along the river where we saw Mallards and Canadian Geese. Some Mallards even came up onto the bank to greet us. The kids loved it and were quick to ID the birds correctly. Then, we walked down to the lake where we saw several more species.
Lizzie and Shaina from The Feminist Bird Club – Madison chapter brought out their spotting scope where we were able to get closer views on Redheads, Common Goldeneyes, Scaups, and Herring gulls!
After some time socializing and looking at birds on the lake, our group headed back to the parking lot and found some Black capped Chickadees chirping in a nearby tree.

A wonderful time was had by all on a lovely winter Sunday afternoon. Thank you Feminist Bird Club – Madison for leading the walk and helping us ID all of these birds!

People looking through binoculars.